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Oct 29, 2012 5:00pm EDT
hurricane as it comes in, this is a cold wind. this is nothing like irene. irene was tropical, warm, no problem at all. this is actually cold, so not very comfort l, but you wouldn't want to -- comforting, but you wouldn't want to miss this, would you? >> bruce, get back with us. we want you on this side of the ocean, not in the ocean. >>> andrea mccarren has been out all day on river road in bethesda. earlier she had the adventure of the blowing barriers. we'll find out where she is now. venezuelan? >> reporter: derek, we've had reinforcements here now. there's u.s. park police. the barriers have blown over to this side. there's some on the other side of the street. basically park police did the right thing. i think they've probably given up on them and they are planting a police cruiser in the middle of the intersection to prevent people from going down little falls parkway between river road and mass avenue. it is a very different bethesda that we're seeing right now. some of the wind guss have been extraordinary. look up river road now and you -- gust have been extraordinary. look u
Oct 31, 2012 5:00pm EDT
about a mile and a half long, it's all gone today. >> never seen anything like it before. irene nothing even close. i went to the beach yesterday and it was like a tornado went through. i've never seen anything like it. i walk it every day. >> i've never seen anything like that. we've been through the storms the the nor easters and been through the blizzards but this one they said it was going to be really bad and it certainly was. >> reporter: bell mar emergency responders have been in the flood waters pulling people from their homes. >> staging ambulances over here and they get in their boats and go out and kayak out and motor out to wherever and pick up whoever needs help. >> reporter: the governor is urging patience -- is going to get the people understand -- >> oh, yeah. yeah. i think this town is resilient. and it's been through some stuff. so we know to sit and you know, follow directions. >> reporter: bruce johnson reporting from new jersey. >> could have been us. and there was a series of natural gas fires on the jersey shore town of brick township this morning. but nob
Oct 26, 2012 5:00pm EDT
storm. >> it's a big storm. we faced that with irene and because of the size of the storm, it's a little questionable exactly where it's going to be and how big it really will be. this particur time we have no plans to evacuate ocean city. we have to makedecisions with regard to our residents and visitors. we'll certainly be prepared to do so. >> reporter: so the time frame down here is take advantage of the good weather while they ve it. it looks like if they'll have to make some serious decisions, they'll be doing that starting saturday evening into sunday so people can make plans and move if that's what the decision is going to be. that's a similar situation throughout the communities up and down the coast here in maryland and also in delaware. in fact, this weekend at rehoboth beach a big civic celebration called the sea witch -- that's a halloween theme event -- that's going to draw 20 to 30,000 people into town in rehoboth and there are no plans to cancel that now, but folks will have to watch very carefully and i think a lot of people will want to leave the coast sometime e
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3